Big Green Machine harnesses the power of entertainment, animation and song to help sustain life on our planet, bringing together education, entertainment and environmental awareness. Research tells us that the majority of the population is concerned about climate change and while they would like to do something about it, a sense of powerlessness and an overload of confusing messages prevent behaviour change.

Big Green Machine seeks to help address this problem by creating songs and multi-media content for schools that contain simple yet powerful themes which inspire children and adults to make more sustainable decisions day to day within the context of Key Stage 2.

Big Green Machine was set up in 2011 by singer/educator Jess Gold, music producer George Christie and artist Leon Fenster. They wished to pool their passions and skills to help inspire and create the next generation of sustainability savvy young people. Eli Kaufman joined Big Green Machine in 2012 and has helped with the launch of Project Earth Rock.

Project Earth Rock is Big Green Machine’s first nationally launched eco resource for schools. 

Project Earth Rock is a Key Stage 2 multi-media scheme of work to educate about and promote environmental sustainability. It is designed for the class teacher rather than the music specialist. Its cross-curricular animated musical approach enables teachers and pupils to easily access its themes. The 12 songs, lesson plans and accompanying videos bring environmental topics to life in the classroom. Your pupils will soon be singing along, whether you can sing or not!